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A TYRO is a latin word for an apprentice, novice, or someone learning something new. TYROs are men and women who have completed the TYRO program. These men and women are warriors who are determined to build a strong legacy for themselves and their family.

Once someone has completed the TYRO program, they begin the lifelong journey of becoming a person worth following. This program is designed to empower transformational change in the life of the learner. Scroll through some of the testimonials of how TYRO has positively-impacted their lives and empowered them to become effective leaders and transform their communities.


Hear some of the ways TYRO is transforming individuals, families and communities.


What people are saying about TYRO

Daniel Wiltse

TYRO Daniel Wiltse

Donald Hurst

TYRO Donald Hurst

Johnny Harvey

TYRO Johnny Harvey

Cody Fletcher

Stacy Herrada


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