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Small Businesses

99.7% U.S. companies are considered small business firms.


Small Businesses

Ijn 2016, there were 25 million Americans running their own business.


Self-Made Billionaires

90% of American Billionaires are considered self-made

Resources and support
to launch your idea.

  • We are building partnerships with organizations and cities to support entrepreneurship programs. Message us to see where we are launching programs now.

  • In addition to receiving world-class programs and innovative business development solutions, you will compete to be a part of a “pitch night” event. This event offers you a chance to share you business idea with potential funders.

  • From event launch to Pitch Night, this program will last 12 weeks.

Who we are

We empower men and women with the skills to launch your business idea.

TYRO Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) is searching to discover successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. Through this program, people with limited business experience will have the opportunity to launch their own business.

how to participate

We partner with local and national organizations by equipping communities to launch Entrepreneurship Programs.

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