Transforming prison programming

In prisons today, TYRO TV has achieved over 1 million downloads, with hundreds of peer facilitators spread across the nation, catalyzing transformation within the prison system.

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Recidivism rate

Participants who have taken TYRO have had a 2.6% recidivism rate.


Over one million downloads in prisons

TYRO TV has had over 1 million downloads in prisons throughout the U.S.


Positive Outlook

97% of people have positive outlook after taking TYRO.


Program training delivered in-person or remotely via livestream. Data support and recruitment materials localized to suit the unique needs of your location.


The TYRO Program

Our transformative programs empower incarcerated individuals to break negative cycles, stigmas and barriers.

TYRO equips participants to discover their fullest potential, enabling them to have a successful reentry. Over the course of this 20-hour program, participants complete with a transformation and renewed passion towards pursuing their dreams.

Couple Communication

Couple Communication helps participants understand and connect with their partner.

Throughout this evidence-based program, participants learn 11 skills and processes to communicate effectively, gain insights into listening to understand, and learn how to resolve important issues quickly. This program improves relationships with participant’s partner, family and community.

how to participate

We partner with organizations, states and institutions to facilitate our award-winning programs in the model that best fits them.

We equip you to facilitate

Livestream Trainings

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Video Programs

Train inmates to teach our programs



  • We are building partnerships with several communication management technologies to provide resources and programs throughout several states. Message us to see where we are launching programs now.

  • In addition to our world-class programs and innovative business development solutions, we also offer free resources such as TYRO’s blog and quarterly TYRO Times magazine.

  • We are committed to helping men and women break negative cycles, build strong legacies and become leaders in their homes, workplace, and industry.