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The Most Effective Communication Program Available

Couple Communication is for EVERYONE.

01. Counselors

Take your practice to the next level with the most evidence-based communication program.

02. Non-Profits

Many non-profits turn to Couple Communication for their award-winning outcomes.

03. Educators

Use this curricula to help your students gain the tools to become skilled communicators.

04. Churches

Take your couples small group to the next level with scripture-based communication styles.

05. Therapists

Choose the communication curricula already chosen by thousands of therapists.

06. Chaplains

Chosen by chaplains and counselors throughout various branches of the military.

What is Couple Communication

Elevate your profile as Certified Instructor.


Couple Communication I is a program that helps you understand and connect with your partner better. You learn 11 skills and processes to communicate effectively about day-to-day events and important issues.

In the program, you gain skills and tools that improve every aspect of your life — with your partner, your family and friends, and with people at work and elsewhere.

Hands-On Instructor Training

Embark on a transformative journey

Our exclusive two-day training is led by Master Trainers, Ron & Cathy Tijerina. Throughout the Couple Communication Instructor course, you will gain the skills to facilitate the award-winning and research-driven program. Your role as a certified Instructor will empower you to facilitate your own classes  and offer hands-on tools to amplify your impact. Couple Communication empower couples to communicate effectively and develop a healthier and long-lasting relationship. Your journey towards making an impact in the lives of those you serve starts right here.

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Relationship Satisfaction

Couples’ who participate in Couple Communication have significantly improved marital satisfaction as a direct result of participation.

Talking & Listening Skills

The Couple Communication program equips participants with skills to self-regulate and create effective communication skills.

Conflict Resolution

Couple Communication allows couples to work out problems in a constructive way so both partners feel satisfied with the solutions reached.


COUPLE COMMUNICATION is the most independently researched, relationship-education program, making it the most effective communication program for couples. With over 70 commendations and studies performed, this life-changing program has yielded outstanding results in both married and unmarried couples.

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